The Partners of Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
MRCE Partners are (left to right): Peter W. Deming, David R. Good,
James L. Kaufman, Walter E. Kaeck, Alfred H. Brand, Francis J. Arland,
David M. Cacoilo
, and Roderic A. Ellman, Jr.

Our technical staff is comprised of nearly 100 geotechnical and foundation engineers with a wide variety of expertise and specialization, 14 CAD designers and draftspersons and 5 soils laboratory technicians. Total staff is more than 137 plus 8 Partners. All Partners, Senior Associates and Associates and a majority of our other technical staff are registered Professional Engineers with licenses in States across the nation.

Hugh S. Lacy
Joel Moskowitz, PE
George J. Tamaro, PE
Peter H. Edinger, PE
Elmer A. Richards, PE
Edmund M. Burke, PE
John W. Fowler, PE
Peter Iannone, PE

Raymond J. Poletto, PE
Thomas R. Wendel, PE
Domenic D’Argenzio, PE
Robert K. Radske, PE
Ketan H. Trivedi, PE
Hiren J. Shah, PE
Alice Arana, PE
Joel L. Volterra, PE
Tony D. Canale, PE
Jan Cermak, PE, PhD
Sissy Nikolaou, PE, PhD
Anthony DeVito, PE
Frederick C. Rhyner, PE
Sitotaw Y. Fantaye, PE

Michael J. Chow, PE
Douglas W. Christie, PE
Gregg V. Piazza, PE
Pablo V. Lopez, PE
Steven R. Lowe, PE
James M. Tantalla, PE
Andrew R. Tognon, PE
T. C. Michael Law, PE, PhD
Andrew Pontecorvo, PE
Renzo D. Verastegui, PE

Joseph N. Courtade, CPA

Martha J. Huguet, CPSM



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